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I know it’s not just me that works out better when we are rocking some awesome designer workout wear. Maybe the new Splits59 Raquel Warriors or the flattering Splits59 Danica Warrior. You are looking super stylish but you are fearful of ruining your new prized possesions in the wash. Here are a few tips to care for your favorite workout wear to make sure they last as long as possible!

1] Wash all workout clothes in cold and on gentle/delicate cycles.

2] Hang to dry or get a heated dry rack to lay them on and they will dry quicker and wrinkle-free. Dry racks can be a little pricey, but there are tons of resources to help you find one at a great sale price.

*The first 2 options may seem obvious but it does make a difference with keeping your favorites from fading, shrinking and stretching so they can look new for longer!

3] When washing blacks – Try Woolite for Darks because it has a special formula that keeps the original intensity of your darks.

4] When washing colors – Try Woolite for All Colors and throw in 2 – 3 Shout Color Catcher sheets. These sheets trap loose dyes released during the wash to prevent the bleeding of colors onto other garments, keeping brights true to their original color and not a blend of red, green, blue on your yellow top.

5] Whites – Whites look amazing when they are new but start to look dingy or yellow around the armpits after several wears. Soak white items every so often in OxiClean overnight. This will brighten your whites up without a harsh bleach that is rough on fabrics and it also rids stains from color garments without fading color. Follow by washing in Woolite.

Now that you have care tips to keep your gear in tip top shape, go on enjoy them with high capacity to make every cent count!


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  Majid Jordan – Forever 

>> Low intensity song with a steady beat. Perfect for an ab sequence or leg lifts.

Steve Angello – Wasted Love

>> Constant tempo changes in this song will keep you energized and on your feet.

Pharrell Williams – Come Get It Bae – Live at Webster Hall

>> This upbeat song will make you want to squat a few more times and hold your plank a few seconds longer in your high support Daphne Bra. 

Vansic – Drastic Measures

>> This high-intensity song with unpredictable beats goes hand in hand with our first printed sports bra w/ a new high-support fit.
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Like many of you, I have quite the crazy schedule. From teaching and working with kids all day to spending time in sales, a morning routine is key to a successful and energetic day! That’s why I like to start every day with a Philosophie Green Dream Superfood Smoothie. Superfoods are vitamin and mineral-dense substances prized for their unique nutrient profiles and ability to activate the body’s natural potential for cleansing, repairing, and rebuilding.  AKA–miracle workers!  Adding them into my smoothies are an easy way for me to reap all of their incredible benefits in an easy, delicious way.

This handy step by step list from Philosophie should help you make that perfect smoothie every time. Don’t hesitate to get creative, be adventerous, use fresh, local, in-season produce and-my personal favorite-try your best to take a few minutes to sit down, clear your mind, and enjoy your creation! You will be thankful for the energy, clarity and balance you will receive from starting your day in a healthy way.








* I use one of the three Philosophie Blends (raw, vegan, gluten-free, sprouted + fair-trade sources) but any Superfood Blend will do!

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My last juice stop in LA was certainly not the least. Pressed Juicery is the definition of minimalism and simplicity. From their storefront to their website, this juicery has a really cool vibe with delicious pressed juices that keeps their customers coming back for more. Pressed Juicery is based on their main point that, “Our bodies require vital nutrients to function at their optimal levels. Pressed Juicery provides a convenient way to meet those requirements.” I couldn’t agree more. They’re especially known for their Signature Cleanses. You can choose a 1, 3 or 5 day ranging from $72 – $325. The three cleanses range from beginners to more experienced juicers. Cleanse 1 is the only cleanse that contains 2 almond milks, and Cleanse 2 is their most popular and balanced cleanse. Check out their juice cleanse online for more information!

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Like many, I am a sucker for beautiful packaging. When I walked into Moon Juice for the first time, I didn’t even need to try the juice first–I already liked the place. The aesthetic of the juicery mimics a minimalistic feel with a modern edge, which completely coincides with their packaging. I did some research on reviews of Moon Juice, and while a common [negative] theme is the expense of their juices, a more common [positive] theme is the incredibly delicious taste of their juices. The girl working behind the counter was also very knowledgable about their menu and the health benefits of each juice, snack, etc. Aside from the pleasing aesthetics of this juice bar, there was something in particular on the counter to the right that really got my attention: a bowl of glass test-tube looking liquids that I had never seen before. I took a closer look and asked the girl behind the counter what these little concoctions were all about.

According to Quintonhealth.com, Quinton plasma helps stimulate your immune system, helps fight illness, increases endurance and strength, escalates mental focus, and expedites recovery . . . plus even more health benefits [ just check out their site or ask anyone at Moon Juice ]. The site also recommends the best way to take the product is as follows:

> On an empty stomach at least 10 minutes before eating

> Swill the Quinton round your mouth for 30 secs to help with dental issues and because there is good absorption through the gums and mouth

> Don’t try taking more than 2 ampoules at one time!

FYI: The girl behind the counter told me that people use the Hypertonic (yellow tube) for hangovers . . . That’s one way to boost your energy!