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Workout Wednesdays: Get Out Of Your Flow!

I love the feeling of sweating it out in my spin classes week to week. It is NEVER easy but it is mindless and it is where I feel comfortable. I have to remind myself to get other forms of workouts in each week.

Since I have started, I have loved TRX classes to really push my body. I think it is a great to always have a yin and a yang in life, and in your workouts. Switching up your workout routine to create a little muscle confusion is the best way to stay fit. You have to keep your body guessing. When you do something different, you create a stimulus and that challenge creates a change in the body. When your body adjusts to a specific workout, you will stop seeing changes!  Ever heard of a plateau?

 If you are a football player, mix in some Vinyasa Yoga. If it is Pure Barre you are addicted to, go to Crossfit a few times a month. Swimmers- try boxing ,  Zumba kids-try boot camp,  Bodybuilders- sneak in a long run! Chances are, that new workout will also help your performance in your go-to workout.

 Get out of your element and try something new! Every person in every class was a beginner at one point so do not be intimidated.  Jab, sprint, suspend, clean, plier, and happy baby away!

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Tips To Staying Healthy and Fit while Traveling!

Staying true to your fitness routine while traveling is as easy as a little planning and knowing how to avoid the pitfalls of that make us slack off on vacation. Follow these tips to stay healthy and fit on the road.

  1. Prepare healthy meals before traveling in easily accessibly containers.
  2. Check out gyms or your favorite class schedules before you arrive and plan on a workout.
  3. Pack your favorite healthy snacks.
  4. Drinks a lot of water to stay hydrated and less run down.
  5. Find a supermarket near your hotel and stock up on healthy choices for in between meals.
  6. Ask the front desk to bring you a mini fridge for your food. Most hotels do this free of charge.
  7. Explore local fitness activities do something that you wouldn’t normally do.
  8. If you are in a car or on a plane take time to stretch your muscles and legs and walk around.
  9. Lastly always pack your Splits59 workout gear!!!!
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The Importance of Stretching

Stretching has been proven to enhance athletic performance, reduce the risk of injury during physical activities, improve flexibility, reduce stress, and increase circulation (among other benefits.) I also personally find that stretching helps calm the mind.

I have been fortunate enough to learn about stretching through taking and teaching Barre Classes. When I first started taking Barre classes 10 Years ago, I made the mistake of rushing through the stretches in class. I treated the stretching as a break from the “work.” Now, I understand that stretching is equally as important as the strength training and cardio portions of class. It is important to find a balance in your body between strength and flexibility. This is what gives Barre students long and lean muscles. In Barre class, as well as other types of exercise programs, incorporating stretching directly after working a muscle, really helps to lengthen that part of the body you are working on.

Once I really began to actively stretch, I quickly saw an improvement in my flexibility. I found as my flexibility increased, so did my strength. I was able to get into better alignment and work even harder.  Just one example, a simple arm, shoulder, neck stretch that I added to my classes a few months ago, has GREATLY reduced the tightness and strain that I was constantly feeling in my head, neck, and shoulders.  With that tightness gone, I am now able to complete more repetitions with weights and push-ups. Therefore, if you are taking Barre, or other interval training classes that incorporate a stretch, I recommend trying to focus as much attention on the strengthening as the stretching!

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Dog Day LA

About 2 1/2 years ago a beautiful black and white Husky became part of my everyday. Had to. His crystal blue eyes and lovable heart drew me in instantly. As it turns out, having a furry son in Los Angeles is quite lovely. Even at the Beverly Center you will see furry companions shopping along side their owners. I mean, come on, pups gotta love a little visit to Bloomingdales too.

I especially love to hike and dine with my sweetie boy next to me and Blue is a very graceful one, demonstrating his joy in downward dog and back leg extensions on the daily. Out on the town, he makes sure he gives as many hugs as he can, filling the city with just a little more love. Hiking and clean eating help him maintain his healthy physique. You can find him prancing on Fryman Canyon off of Lauren Canyon, Runyon Canyon in Hollywood and his absolute fave, the fabulous trail off Mandeville Canyon Fire Road in the Santa Monica Mountains. Each of these trails allows your pup buddy to be leash free (most of the time) and get the proper exercise they need. Hiking with your animal absolutely benefits you and them. You can count on both of you sleeping better and improving your cardiovascular health, all while soaking up some necessary sunshine and the ever needed vitamin D. Oh wait, and let’s not forget, Leo Carrillo Beach in Malibu, with a separate area for dogs to sunbath, run free in the ocean or chill under a shady area on the sand. It is beyond awesome!

And after your glorious west side romp, an absolute must to rejuvenate the system is a rockin’ smoothie from Juice Crafters in Brentwood, or the Palisades. One of my go-to’s is their Divine Start or Pacific Love. Full of yummy nourishment to balance out the body and soul. And I love that Blue sits out with me on the bench while the deliciousness gets whipped up.

And yo, there are 187 restaurants that are dog friendly, just another awesome reason why I love LA! Just to name a few of our favorites, SAGE in Culver City, LE PAIN QUOTIDIEN on Roberston, ALCOVE in Los Feliz and EREWHON by The Grove.

What a blessing to be able to grab a bite and not to have to worry or be without your furry child. Feeling so grateful for the animal friendly support Los Angeles. Big love.


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Workout Wednesdays: Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga

Are you bored with the elliptical?  Sure there are times I just want to throw on my sneakers and go for a run, or hit the yoga studio for some straightforward flow, but sometimes the thrill-seeker in me craves something different.  Fusion is a huge buzzword in fitness right now, and there’s something to tickle everyone’s fancy.  From Pound (cardio with drumsticks), to Piloxing (blending Pilates, boxing, and dance), to SURFSET (sculpting while simulating surfing), even Animal Flow (think: If Parkour, break-dancing, and gymnastics, mated with primal animal movements).  When it comes to workouts, I’ll pretty much try anything, therefore when I saw Pink’s performance at this year’s Grammy awards, I knew I’d found my next athletic adventure…Aerial Yoga.

Don’t let the name intimidate you, you don’t have to be a Cirque du Soleil performer to give this workout a whirl.  Also often called suspension or anti-gravity yoga, this class takes yoga poses to new heights, as you wrap your body in a silk hammock that hangs from the ceiling.  While I consider myself to be relatively strong and agile, I was amazed at how challenging even the foundations-level Aerial Yoga class was.  It requires both upper-body and core strength, flexibility, and guts!  At one point, the teacher asked us to do a backflip to come out of the swing we created with the fabric, and I’m sure I looked at her like she had 3-heads; but, with a little coaxing I tried it, and it was so liberating, and FUN! 

We practiced traditional yoga poses with a twist, like plank with our hands on the mat, but our feet suspended in the fabric, and downward facing with the fabric wrapped around our hips to take the pressure off the hands and feet; but, my favorite poses by far were the inversions.  While I love a good, grounded headstand or handstand, it’s amazing how it feels to take the physical effort out of it, and just hang freely.  I felt my spine gently stretching, and I swear when I stood up after class, I was at least ½ an inch taller.   

Ready to turn your world upside down?  Check out an Aerial Yoga class near you.  I highly recommend OM Factory Flight School in NYC (shout out to my amazing teacher, Kristina Cubrilo), but classes are offered across the country, even worldwide!  So go ahead and flip your perspective.