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Month of Music: Carly’s Playlist

Music is everything to me in a workout!! It has to be new and fun and with the right beat to keep me motivated. I’m always working on new music to add to my playlists!!

Hope you enjoy my October Tunes. I’ll have my November playlist up and ready to go soon!


Carly Mariani

Click the image to play on Spotify.

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Month of Music: Noell’s Playlist

I love music and make new playlists for training my clients and myself, every 2 weeks. I’m always on the search for cool, unique beats to motivate myself and my clients to move. I also love a flashback song here and there (notice busts rhymes Break Yo Neck below ;) .

My playlists are usually set up to match this ‘Barbells meet Yoga’ style workout layout:

10min Warm Up

-vinyasa yoga, or 2rounds of simple moves like high knees, squats, push ups, or an hip openers.

30min HIIT Workout

-I use Heavy Weight with equipment like barbells, DB, KB, round weights along with cardio & agility moves like sprints, 400m runs, hurdle jumps, ab work, pull ups and more.

10-15min Cool Down

-Yin Yoga for deep stretching, Yamuna Body Rolling for targeted tension release and ultimate relaxation, and finally, a 3min Savasana w/ Cucumber/Eucalyptus Towel draped over forehead.

Click the image to play on Spotify.

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Month of Music: Cara’s Playlist

So my playlist is a little diverse – but it reflects the best parts of me and who I aim to be. It keeps me focused on being my best self – which is the whole point of my workout, right? Some of it is FIERCE, some of it is inspirational, some of it is ass-kicking, some of it is country, some of it is happy and fun – but ALL of it has a great beat to keep me motivated.

Keep doing what makes you YOUR best you, y’all!

Click the image to play on Spotify.

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Month of Music: Cathy’s Triple Play

No matter what workout you’re doing, there’s a mix that’s perfect. Check out these 3 for Cardio, Barre and Yoga.

Fun mix for a morning run! Grab your shoes, put on your favorite S59 tights, play some tunes and get a sweat on!

Click image to play on Spotify.


Chill mellow tunes for a yoga class or use a few for a cool down/stretching section of class. Breathe. Relax. Enjoy!

Click image to play on Spotify.


This is a tried and true barre mix I made that everyone sings along to during class. Great mix for all ages!

Click image to play on Spotify.

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Month of Music: Ade’s Playlist

Working out with right playlist

Seems like now a days the wrong music playlist can make or break your workout. Have you ever gone to the gym and as your walking in your getting your headsets on your head plug them into your phone, open your music app to open a music station and off the bat not like the first song playing to only skip to the next one? I know I’ve been guilty of such a thing or even skip songs during a set. With all that said take the time create an awesome playlist and stop letting skipping tracks be a part of your workout! I challenge you to create a playlist that involves not skipping tracks.

Below is a sample of one of my workout playlists that I don’t skip tracks in. At the very end of my workout I add a little Partition by Beyonc√© to wind me down in my cool down and remind me how sexy my body feels after a workout. So set the mood of your workout and invest sometime in creating a playlist. Your body will thank you!

Click the image to play on Spotify.