Fit Friday: Bend it Like Bex – Special Offer!

Ever feel like you just can’t make it to the studio?  Been wearing your Splits59 all day but haven’t been motivated…well now you can stay home and work it.  Whether you prefer deep meditation, relaxation or a strong flow, my new online yoga classes “Bend It Like Bex” is a great series  for opening up and staying grounded.  Classes are accessible for new students and those who are seasoned practitioners.
Try it out for FREE and in the comfort of your own home.  So many fun sequences, guided meditation and my personal favorite NIDRA…feel luxurious and CHILL.  The best part is there are lots of amazing teachers on the site too.  Put on your Splits59, roll out your mat and get moving!

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FROM TEAM SPLITS59: We are so excited by the launch of online yoga classes with Bex! She’s teamed up with, so now you can practice with her anywhere and anytime.
Try out her amazing classes FREE for 30 days (…most people only get 15, wink wink.) *copy link into browser.
Now if you’ll excuse us we’re going to do some yoga! PEACE.




Monday Meals: Blistered Tofu and Chrysanthemum Salad

They are some days where I crave a very clean but flavor packed lunch. This blistered tofu dish with chrysanthemum, avocado and cara cara oranges is the epitome of that. To begin, slice firm tofu into strips and place on paper towel to remove excess moisture. Get your cast iron screaming hot and add enough vegetable oil to barely coat the bottom.


Season your tofu with salt before carefully adding to the cast iron. Don’t touch the tofu until the side touching the pan is very crispy, then you can flip it. To plate, start with thinly sliced avocado. Top the avocado with your blistered tofu, cara cara supremes, and chrysanthemum leaves lightly dressed with rice wine vinegar, lemon, honey, vegetable oil, toasted sesame oil, chili flakes, and salt.

FitPro Obsession: Mason Jars

Mason Jars are sturdy glass containers used to store food and are one of my favorite items that I use to stay in shape. Maintaining my long, lean physique is a result of both exercising consistently and making healthy food choices. Since I am always on-the-go in NYC running from clients to classes to meetings and social activities, the best way to keep my eating on track is to pack my food each day, often in a mason jar.

Every week I use my Mason Jars to carry salads, smoothies, water, and other on-the-go snacks. Here are a few examples of what I pack: masonjargreensmoothie

Green Smoothie
* 1/2 banana
* 1/3 mango
* 1 handful of spinach and kale
* 1/4 cup of oats
* 1/2 cup of almond milk
* 2 cubes of ice


Fruit Infused Water
* 5 raspberries
* 1 clementine orange
* 2 slices of lemon
* 2 cups water (plain or sparkling)


Yogurt Parfait
* 1/2 cup Greek Yogurt (Fage is my fav)
* 1/4 cup of oats
* 1/4 cup of granola (I love Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Loaded Fruit & Nut Granola)
* 1 handful of raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries


Tuna Quinoa Salad
(Layers from bottom to top)
* Cilantro dressing (Trader Joe’s)
* Tomatoes
* Persian Cucumbers
* Chickpeas
* Black beans
* Edamame
* Feta Cheese
* Dried Cranberries
* Tuna
* Quinoa
* Organic Tuscan Kale

One of the best aspects of using Mason Jars is that they keep your food fresh for the whole week. You can carry both hot and cold foods and jars can also be used to freezing and even baking. For salads, be sure to always put the dressing at the bottom and leafy greens on top so that the salad will not be soggy. Enjoy!

FitPro Obsession: Yonanas Healthy Dessert Maker

I love rewarding myself with a little something sweet at the end of the day. My guilty pleasure is gelato, but I’m not a fan of all the added sugar, and sugar-free just isn’t the same. I’ve tried so many “healthier” frozen treats, but nothing satisfied me, until I discovered Yonanas Ice Cream Maker! In just 2 simple steps you have a fabulous, guilt-free dessert!

Step 1: Peel and freeze ripe bananas.

Step 2: Feed frozen bananas through the Yonanas machine and viola, a delicious and nutritious frozen delight packed with potassium!


I was amazed at how decadent my creation tasted, how creamy, how smooth. I dressed it up by mixing in powdered peanut butter and sprinkling a few cacao chips on top. It’s a heavenly combo. You can mix up all sorts of concoctions. Toasted pecans and a drizzle of maple syrup, coconut flakes and fresh pineapple, the possibilities are endless. For $49.99, Yonanas has been an excellent investment. I used to pay $6 for a carton of gelato every other week. That’s nearly $150 a year! The best part, Yonanas doesn’t just save me cash, it’s saved countless calories! I would highly recommend this nifty, thrifty gadget to anyone looking for a fitness friendly frozen treat, so good you can even have it for breakfast!


FitPro Obsession: doTERRA Essential Oils

I’m just getting into using doTERRA essential oils to enhance my workouts, protect my health and elevate the environment at my Pilates studio. I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface of all that there is to learn about using essential oils but I’m super excited about the things I’m starting to incorporate!
Each morning before my workout, I fill up my glass water bottle with fresh icy cold water and add a couple drops of essential oil – it’s important to use a glass bottle as opposed to a plastic one, since certain essential oils can leach BPA from plastic.  Depending on my mood I may select peppermint if I need a little pick-me-up or if I’m feeling a little headachy. Sometimes I choose lemon, lime, or wild orange which all taste amazing and just make me happy! All of the oils have no calories or sugar and are therapeutic grade so they are safe and healthy to take internally. If I’m feeling at all under the weather or just want a little extra immunity protection, I’ll add a drop or two of their OnGuard blend which adds an additional layer of protection against environmental and seasonal threats. If I’m planning an especially intense workout, I’ll add a little extra peppermint to my water to help open up my airways while I work out and cool my body naturally.

While we’re working out in the studio, I like to diffuse essential oils in the air to create a more balanced atmosphere and to help people breathe more deeply. My favorites are the Balance blend and Citrus Bliss.

It’s amazing what a difference essential oils can make on my strength and focus as I go into my workout. When I find myself lagging or when things get especially intense, taking a drink of my infused water reinvigorates me. The addition of the essential oil makes a tremendous difference. These products are my newest workout obsession and are finding their way past my workouts into lots of areas of my life.