Exercise The Pain Away

Low back pain is very common among adults. Commonly caused by overuse or muscle strain, low back pain is the most recurrent cause of job-related disability. While you may think treating this condition would require rest, relaxation and the occasional heating pad, you’d be surprised to learn that the most effective way to speed recovery from low back pain may be exercise.


Gentle strengthening exercises for your stomach, back, and legs may help you reduce pain, speed recovery, prevent re-injury and lessen the risk of disability. Activities such as stretching, swimming, walking, and even yoga are all great ways to start chipping away at your lower back pain. The key, however, is that you don’t let the fear of being in pain scare you away from starting these exercises. You should try to be active as soon as you can after noticing the pain, and should gradually increase your activity level in the following days. Being sedentary when you get low back pain can lead to loss of flexibility, strength and endurance; ultimately, leading to more pain. So the next time your back starts acting up, remember to hit the pool, the yoga mat or the treadmill and start exercising the pain away.

- Natasha Kufa

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Exercise The Pain Away - Women's Exercise Tips
For women, exercise can actually often reduce pain and discomfort. The fitness experts at Splits59 explain.

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