The stars never really align…just make your own formations.

I recently had a conversation with a girlfriend who is in her twenties and struggling to figure out what she wants to do with her life.  Frustrated because she thought she had it figured out and then a year later realized she didn’t, wanted some answers. What I told her was that I remember thinking that I would most certainly have it all figured out by 30.  Hmmm.
inOver the years I’ve climbed mountains high (yes plural), swung from poles, walked cables high up in the sky, smudged things on me,  cleansed them off,  read a lot of books and even did some sort of horse encounter, but the answers never came to me when I was looking for them.

What I do know is that if you are waiting for all your stars to align you’ll be waiting a long time or you’ll be disappointed that even when the alignment occurs, it shifts very quickly.  As soon as you figure one thing out, you’re confused about something else.  So I gave up on star alignment a long time ago and I now just shoot for star formations.

Don’t wait for your life to begin. Decide on a dream and pursue it. Even if you don’t hit it dead on, you’ll be on an adventure of your own making. The goal is to give yourself the freedom to forge your own path, make mistakes, reinvent and rediscover. And the best part is, the star formations you create will be the light you need for your journey.

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The stars never really align…just make your own formations.
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