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10 Lessons From My 20 Day barre3 Challenge

10 Lessons From My 20 Day barre3 Challenge

I just finished a month long challenge we conducted at all barre3 studios. The challenge was: 20 barre3 classes in 25 days and a 10 day food-based detox.  

Here are 10 things I learned.

#1 All levels can do 20 days of barre3. I was honestly surprised at the diverse group of clients who successfully completed the challenge.  I knew my type A super-fit set would jump all over this.  What sweetened the challenge was  the enthusiastic women AND men who were less familiar with barre3 not to mention their abs and quads!  It was such a treat watching bodies (including my own) of all sizes and shapes, get leaner and more balanced.

#2 This challenge shaped more than bodies. It shaped long lasting friendships.  We wore our orange barre3 wristbands to signal who was on the challenge.  We enjoyed connecting not only in class and online but afterwards for our herbal tea, fresh pressed juice and quinoa salads!  Big shout out to all of you who did this with me-- near and far!   You rock!!!

#3 Yes, I can operate sans caffeine! I gave up coffee a year ago but quickly replaced it with green tea.  For our 10 day detox I decided to give up even my tea. I was surprised at what a shock it was to my system.  I had a headache for 3 days. Once I got through the third day I felt fantastic.  I learned how dependent my body was on any caffeine.

#4 I love CALM. Have you heard of it? Our functional Functional Nutritionist, Andrea Nakayama suggested we drink it before bed to help us sleep deep and stay regular.  It has magnesium in it. It is amazing. AMAZING.

#5 mybarre3.com came in really handy during those 20 days I couldn't find time to get to the studio.  Yes, even I--founder of barre3-- have a hard time managing enough time to workout. I designed mybarre3 for ME. Selfish, I know!

#6 Chia seeds are an amazing super food. Have you heard of them? Andrea had us make "chia pudding". You simply soak them in water in the fridge so they are easier to blend in smoothies and add to baked goods.

#7 I can travel on a detox--and still have fun. For part of my detox I was in the Poconos with my Husband and dear In-Laws on vacation.  One thing we all have in common is a love of food and spirits!  I brought my own food and honestly had a great time even without my favorite red wine in hand!

#8 Colonics are not for me. That's all I have to say on that one!!!

#9 While I haven't given up all sugar, gluten, and dairy like I did for the 10 day detox, I am re-inspired to eat whole foods. My kids are benefiting from this as much as I am.

#10 My Splits59 wardrobe is fitting better than ever thanks to 20 days of barre3 and 10 days of clean eating!

AUTHOR: Sadie Lincoln

img location: The Dailey Method

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