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3 Generations, 4 Women And A 55-Minute Class

3 Generations, 4 Women And A 55-Minute Class

Pure Barre is such an excellent exercise, and one that is universal in its reach to all sorts of women. I have shared this specific account endless times, because I feel like it articulates the genius behind the technique and how it truly brings women together and creates a unifying experience regardless of age or background.  

One day, I was in a Pure Barre class with my pregnant sister, my mother and my grandmother, and I looked around and saw each of them working hard toward their goals. I glanced at myself in the mirror and the sweat pouring off my face was an indicator that I, too, was pushing myself to new limits. I was amazed and intrigued at the same time. We are all very active in our own rights, but Pure Barre brings us all under one roof for 55-minutes and allows us all to customize our workout according to our needs to change the shape of our bodies.

The low-impact moves allow Mimi, (grandmother), to get an intense workout while protecting her joints. Pure Barre is an excellent tool in improving her balance, preventing injury, and increasing bone health and flexibility. My mother, a cardio queen, had always sought out the most difficult workouts, trained for marathons, competed in tennis and couldn’t imagine a class geared around a ballet barre making a bigger difference in her body than her devoted personal training sessions. The Technique took her already fit physique to a new height by changing the actual shape of her muscles, creating a longer, leaner look that she always wanted to achieve. My younger sister, a happy mother of 2 boys, has truthfully always despised exercise. She was so active throughout our childhood, has been blessed with incredible genes and luckily has maintained a healthy weight her entire life without much effort. When she found Pure Barre her view of fitness changed and she actually found an activity she enjoyed. When she became a mother, Pure Barre not only kept her in great shape during the pregnancy, but also helped her bounce back to her pre-baby slim figure. I have scoliosis and have always battled injuries due to exercises that were not the most beneficial for my back, but Pure Barre was the magic remedy to my problems because I was able to get a great calorie burn, get the high of an endorphin releasing cardio class and elongate my muscles while strengthening my core and alleviating added pressure on my back.

Now, Pure Barre is not just a family workout experience, but also a family business. My mother and sister are proud Pure Barre Owners, and my Mimi is an honorary owner because she has put just as much work into making our studios a success as an actual owner would.  Most recently, I am blessed to own a studio with my sister-in-law who is expecting her second baby in the New Year. She is 6 foot 3 inches tall and was a D-1 college volleyball and basketball player. It is amazing to see her take a class and find ways to strengthen her body in a setting that she never thought she’d be in.

Yes, I am grateful for the impact Pure Barre makes on my waistline, but I am more thankful for the culture it creates for women. We are almost an all female company, with a dynamic female Founder & CEO and inspiring female franchisees across the nation. It is truly such a unique approach to group fitness and it allows women to come together on a common ground that unifies and strengthens their minds and bodies. As I watch this technique spread across the country, I am constantly reminded of how blessed I am to be a part of something that is empowering women and challenging each of us every time we return to the barre!

AUTHOR: Danielle Davis

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