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4 Simple Ways To Unplug In A Plugged-In World

4 Simple Ways To Unplug In A Plugged-In World

It takes a lot more than a cup of Chamomile tea and a massage to achieve a sense of relaxation these days. Well, the former might do the trick, if you can adequately enjoy them while checking your Facebook, responding to emails, tweeting, blasting out pictures on Instagram, tagging your location and taking calls simultaneously. The art of being alone, a very restorative and crucial state of being, is slowly being stolen by "social" media. We are constantly social, even when we are doing things that we should be enjoying alone (eh hemm, massage). The simple act of unwinding has become a nearly impossible feat these days, especially for us. Does relaxation even happen if it's not documented on Facebook? (We hope so!) When we have a day off, is it REALLY a day off, or are we still socially obligated to be socially connected? This rhetorical question has a few simple solutions that we have found maximize time alone and keep us socially connected yet personally restored. To make sure we extract the best facets of social media and eliminate infringement on our alone time, we embrace 4 simple mantras that protect our right to relax. We hope they help you get the most out of your socially productive life and create a clear, creative and positive mindset!

1. Tech free Sunday: What really happens on Sunday? Most of the time, emails can wait, Facebook posts are overlooked and business phone calls are at a minimum. If you're on Facebook on a Sunday, chances are that you're browsing through, wasting time, avoiding doing new and cool things! We dare you to try Tech Free Sunday: take a hike without your phone, go to a coffee shop and read, run your errands without simultaneously typing messages. It de-clutters the experience of being alone, with others, and guarantees a more relaxed mind. Do it.

2. Eat without browsing the web: as busy as you are, honor yourself by taking at least 5-10 minutes to eat food without texting, emailing or social media-ing. You'll actually taste your food (imagine that!) and will also crank out better work once you've given yourself a little break. This is a tiny speck of alone time you can sneak in that will make a huge difference.

3. When you hang out with someone, put away your phone: When you can, if you are with someone you love/respect, stash your cell. Unless you're expecting a direly important email or call, chances are that you can put away your device for 20 minutes and check it once you're done. Most of the time, the notifications that would be taking time away from the people you're trying to enjoy in the non-virtual world are just Facebook event invites, anyway. Showing respect by being attentive to those people you a spending time with will make you more connected with them and yourself.

4. Admire the "real world": do you find yourself sitting outside at sunset on a gorgeous night, skipping over the beauty of your actual surroundings and instead skimming the wide world of social media? Ignoring the beauty of the real world, whether it's nature or good-old-fashioned people watching, means you're ignoring a simple way to relax. Take the sights in. Appreciate the people, things and occurrences dancing all around you. You will feel inspired, grateful, and most of all, connected. Connected to the real world. The result: being more creative, aware and productive when you but the rubber to the pavement. Peace, love, and social media, The Pound Girls Unplug with a great POUND workout and SPLITS59 gear!

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AUTHOR: The Pound Girls 

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