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5 Ways To Stick To Your Resolutions.

5 Ways To Stick To Your Resolutions.

The New Year - A time for new beginnings, fresh starts, new opportunities, whatever you want to call it; it all boils down to one thing: the New Year’s resolution. It’s our best intentions and most idealistic thoughts on how to make ourselves better people. Every January 1st we set out on our new journeys, and then slowly we see our resolutions slip away. Not this year. Not 2013. Below, I have five ways to help you stick to your plan and make what you dream of a reality. I speak specifically towards your workout goals, but these tips can be used for any resolution.

1) Hold yourself accountable by scheduling your workouts into your planner. You schedule important business meetings or dinner with a visiting friend so you won’t miss them. Treat your workouts the same way. If it is there, staring at you in your planner, you are more likely to get there minus the excuses. You wouldn’t miss a meeting because you’re “tired” or “don’t feel like it”. Don’t let that happen to your workouts. Treat them just as importantly. As you’re making up your schedule, sign up for your workout classes in advance. At Physique 57, we have a cancellation policy that makes it much harder for you to not show up to class on a whim. Use it to your advantage! If you cancel at a certain hour, you still have to pay for the class. You miss your workout, AND you’re out the cash. Double motivation to get there.

2) Use the buddy system. Team up with a friend who shares your fitness goals, and double your accountability. Plan classes or workouts together. That way you are not only accountable to yourself but someone else as well, and you wouldn’t want to leave her or him hanging. Not only does it motivate you to get to class, it’s also so much more fun when you’re spending time with someone you enjoy. We complain about not having enough time to spend with friends. This kills two birds with one stone. At Physique 57 we have a great program called the “BFF Challenge.” You and a friend must each take sixteen classes in four weeks. At the end of the month, if you both complete the challenge, you each get to choose a present, which ranges from a free class to a Bliss manicure. What could be better? I have even watched clients who didn’t know each other before create great friendships through the challenge. Even if you don’t live in NYC to take advantage of this, create your own challenge with a friend in your hometown. And even better, you get to pick from any prize in the whole wide world to celebrate your completion. Which brings me to my next tip…

3) Use the reward system. When I first started at Physique, I would leave the building completely wiped with my muscles feeling like they wouldn’t make it to the end of the block, let alone down the subway steps. What kept me going was the smoothie place across the street. If I could just get to that gloriously fruity and hydrating cup, I could make it home. It became a reward for all the hard work I put in. We all know the hardest part of working out is getting there. What can get you through it is remembering how good you feel after. Why not up the ante by adding a little reward that you ONLY get when you finish your workout? Extra motivation!

4) Don’t let a slip be a tumble down the mountain. We are human. There will be some slips here and there. You may miss a workout, and listen, that’s okay. It’s okay as long as you don’t let that one miss snowball into the deterioration of your resolution. We love the New Year and make resolutions because it represents a fresh start. It’s important to remember that we have opportunities for fresh starts all year long. So you had a bad week, let the next Monday be your “New Year.” You can even take it day by day.  The important thing is to not let mistakes discourage you from achieving your goals.

5) Imagine your results. I was a huge daydreamer as a kid. Okay, who am I kidding? I still am. When you daydream, you have no boundaries. Literally anything is possible. Now, not all of my dreams came completely true, but my goodness, so many of them either have happened, have come close, or turned out even better. .

We so often go to setting timed goals for ourselves, “I must look this way by this date.” If it doesn’t happen, we get discouraged and then the end of the New Year’s Resolution arrives. Why? Because resolutions represent hope. Hope that we can indeed become our best selves. As soon as you miss a deadline you make for yourself, hope is gone. That is so silly. What if all you needed was one more month? Keep the hope alive. Imagine your best you, understand that it won’t happen overnight, and know that every step you take is a step closer to your dream you. Just keep moving forward, and before you know it you’ve achieved your dream. But why stop there? Anything is possible. Fight to achieve it.  

Happy 2013!

AUTHOR: Sarah Marchetti

img source: http://www.mijaflatau.com/just-for-the-fun-of-it/

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