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An Ideal Fitness Vacation

An Ideal Fitness Vacation

During the summer months, I have been blessed to spend them teaching exhale Core Fusion in the Hamptons and spending time with dear friends and family at our Bridgehampton home. Since we are able to spend time at the beach with our friends and family, I devised a mini Core Fusion Boot Camp Chill at the beach that we all do together, even with my cousin’s children, who love it…so gather your friends and family and have fun at the beach while getting long lean thighs, high round glutes, and toned abs.

I am preparing for our Core Fusion Stand Up Paddle Board Retreat at exhale Turks + Caicos October 26-30…so after the core fusion workout preparation below, I will be heading out on my paddle  board and/or kayak!   Also just being by the ocean…you soak in all those positive ions from the water!

Warm up Running sprints 6 sets of 30 seconds each on the level sand by water.

Arms Using a towel and use sand area where upper body can be placed on a higher incline than lower body. Do 20 push ups bent or straight legs and 20 reverse triceps push ups bent or straight legs.

Thighs/Leg lifts: Stand hips' width apart with legs, hands on hips, lift right leg up straight in front of hip, as high as you can, knee facing staight to sky,   Lower to sand and lift 20x  lower. Hold last one and pulse 10x up an inch and down an inch.  Repeat left leg. Can also be done in the water for more resistance!

Gluteals (prone variation): Lie on towel on abdomen, bend elbows and place forearm on forearm, then forehead on forearms. Tuck pelvis under and keep hips pressing into towel/sand as you lift rt leg 20x, then left leg 20x, then both legs 20x. Sit in child's pose to stretch.

Abdominal (curl): Sit on towel with back of waist on towel and shoulders blades off, resting on elbows.  Tuck pelvis under, pull abdominals in, and feel the warm sand adjust around your back.  The warmth of the sand helps to stretch your back muscles to help you get deeper/stronger into the position. Without moving any of above, slide elbows off towel and hold onto outter thighs with elbows lifted high and wide, shoulders down. Chin parallel to the ground.  Hold 30 seconds, let go legs 30 seconds (if able w/o moving torso), rest back on elbows. Repeat 2x. Hug knees into chest and nestle your back into the sand.

Pelvic tilt (great for the gluteals and abdomen in your swimsuit!): Start with bent legs with ft on towel hips' width apart. Flex feet in the sand for more resistance. Arms by your hips, keeping everything as is, lift your pelvis as high as you can w/o arching your back. Pull abdomen in. Hold 30 seconds, lower, repeat 2x.

Stretches: Place feet on towel with bent legs and open arms in a T form across from shoulders on ground with palms on ground.  Keeping arms still, lower bent legs to rt, heads looks left, hold 30 seconds. Repeat left.

Savasana: Lie on your back on towel with legs natural hips' width and hands by your hips with palms facing up to the sun. Stay here as long as you like absorbing the positive ocean ions and vitamin D into your body.

AUTHOR: Elisabeth Halfpapp

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