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The holiday's are done, New Year parties complete and now maybe you are over flowing, and not in the positive energy department. All the happy sugar and celebratory alcohol has filled your tummy and your "bod" is tired. Unless, you stayed in tune with the quiet voice who told you to rest during this season. You know the voice, stay calm, keep moving, keep plans to a minimum and drink water. Wait, you didn't hear that voice, did you over do it? Here is the perfect FREE, yes free, solution to clearing your mind and detoxing your body. Time to freshin' up and create more space inside. Myself, and a few other amazing teachers, teamed up with Yoga Journal to create a 21 day Yoga Challenge. All are welcome, whether you are new to Yoga or already fully committed, this is a wonderful opportunity to liberate your mind, free up your hips, strengthen your CORE and get into all those places your have been holding onto...Join the masses and yet feel intimate in your own home studio, roll out your mat and turn on the podcasts,

Make your yoga mat your friend, oh and great to meet ya! winkwink

[Join Team Splits59 on the Social Workout for the 21 Day Challenge]

AUTHOR: Bex Urban

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Accelerate Capri - Black
Aim Tank - Black
Alley L/S Tee - Black
Alley L/S Tee - Lt. Heather Grey
Anchor 7/8 Tight - Auburn/ Black Stripe
Anchor 7/8 Tight - Black/ Multi Stripe
Anchor 7/8 Tight - Dk Heather/ Multi Stripe
Apres Sweatpant - Black
Ashby Tank - Army
Ashby Tank - Black
Ashby Tank - Dk. Heather Grey
Ashby Tank - Lt. Heather Grey
Ashby Tank - Navy
Ashby Tank - Sol
Ashby Tank - White
Bandit Tank - Black
Bandit Tank - Harbor
Bandit Tank - Lt. Heather Grey
Bandit Tank - White
Bandit Tank - White/ Multi Peace
Bardot 7/8 High Waist Tight - Army
Bardot High Waist Tight - Black
Bardot High Waist Tight - Heather Grey
Base High Waist Tight - Harbor
Bonus High Waist Tight - Black
Cannon Tight - Harbor/ Sol/ Off White
Deux Crop Pullover - Harbor
Distance Tight - Hawthorne/ White
Edge Pullover - Dk Heather/ Multi Stripe
Epic 7/8 - Black/ White Jacquard
Flash Tight - Midnight/ Roulette/ Lt. Heather
Fly Crop Tank - Black
Fly Crop Tank - Harbor/ Off White
Focus Bra - Army
Focus Bra - Black
Force Tight - Black/ Auburn/ Powder Blue
Fuel Capri - Black/ Lt. Heather/ Midnight
Gift Card
Icon Sweatpant - Black
Incline Tight - Black
Jordan Tight - Hawthorne/ Black/ Heather/ Marigold
Jordan Tight II - Black
Kym Tight - Black
Kym Tight - Heather Grey
Layover Pullover - Black
Loren Seamless Bra - Army
Loren Seamless Bra - Black
Loren Seamless Bra - Black/ Multi Stripe
Loren Seamless Bra - Black/ Off White
Loren Seamless Bra - Heather Grey
Loren Seamless Bra - White
Mile Tank - Black
Mile Tank - Marigold
Motion Bra - Black/ White Jacquard
Motion Bra - Harbor/ Off White
Nova Capri - Black
Nova Capri - Lt. Heather Grey
Official Layering Tee - Black/ Off White
Official Layering Tee - Off White/ Army
Parachute Tank - Black
Pitcher Tight - Black/ Off White
Qualifier Seamless Capri - Black
Raquel Flared Tight (Long) - Black
Raquel Flared Tight (Long) - Heather Grey
Raquel Flared Tight (Short) - Black
Raquel Flared Tight (Short) - Heather Grey
Raquel Flared Tight - Black
Raquel Flared Tight - Heather Grey
Raquel Flared Tight - Navy
Reach High Waist Tight - Black
Series High Waist Tight - Black
Sinker Tight - Midnight/ Roulette
Sinker Tight - Roulette/ Lt. Heather Grey
Speedplay Tight - Black/ Marigold
Sprint Short - Army/ Off White
Sprint Short - Black/ Off White
Sprint Short - Hawthorne/ White
Stride Capri - Black
Tempo 7/8 Tight - Army
Tempo 7/8 Tight - Black
Tendu Stirrup Tight - Black
Track Bra - Black/ Marigold/ White
Trainer Tank - Midnight
Transition Full Zip Jacket - Black/ White Jacquard
Tryout Short - Off White
Zephyr Capri - Chevron