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Enjoy Your Stress

Enjoy Your Stress

For the majority of us fitness-business owners, we are in this business first and foremost for the love of the game. But, as we've all heard over and over, sometimes love just isn't enough. New challenges will inevitably present themselves, and in order to stay in this competitive business successfully, we must have our heads in it 24 hours a day. 

Personally, I often wake up in the middle of the night trying to resolve any recent challenge that has presented itself. This insomnia seems directly attributed to my difficulty in finding a clear perspective on my current challenge. Our businesses, after all, were created from love, and ever since, blood, sweat and tears have been poured into them, so separating the emotion from the challenge solution is a perplexing challenge in and of itself. But, I think I may have found a solution.

I recently watched an interview with Russia's wealthiest citizen, Mikhail Prokhorov, who in 2010 purchased the worst team in the NBA, the New Jersey Nets. He describes business as a game, which is not uncommon, but, what intrigued me was that when asked about the overwhelming amount of stress he has in his life due to his businesses, he replied calmly, "I like stress, it is my competitive advantage."

Now that is statement! Think about that for a minute. Use the very fact that you have previously handled your past challenges, objectively, void of emotion, and ultimately successfully, to your competitive advantage. When presented with new challenges we often forget we have proven ourselves before, and that we do already know, and have previously taken, the steps needed to take to gain a clear perspective and, thereafter, find our solution. New challenges are inevitable, so why not embrace them, and the more we embrace and resolve them, the better we will become at facing new ones. It is a competitive edge and preparedness that I believe most others do not have.

So I encourage all my fellow fitness-business owners that, when next confronted with a challenge, take a step back, regain your objective and unemotional perspective, enjoy the stress and let the others have the sleepless nights!

AUTHOR: Karen Handel

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