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#FastFit // 5 Fitness Tips To Simplify Your Life

#FastFit // 5 Fitness Tips To Simplify Your Life

Heath and fitness isn't really complicated.  The key is to keep it simple and stick to the basics.

Here are 5 Fast Fit Tips that I live by.

Never go Hungry! It's best to eat lots of small meals to keep your metabolism pumping (instead of gorging yourself all at once)! Don't let yourself get to the point of "hangry" especially because when we feel hunger pains, we tend reach for whatever is fastest.  That often means pre-packaged, high calorie or not so nutritious food. Keep healthy snacks in your purse, car, gym bag, or desk at work.  It's always best to be prepared and give yourself healthy options to tide you over! My favorite on the go snacks are bananas, organic GoGo Squeez apple sauce pouches or lightly salted rosemary marcona almonds - yum!

Stay hydrated! There is nothing worse than having a throbbing headache or even muscle cramps due to dehydration. More than half our body content is made up of water!  Hydration is a necessity!  My rule? ALWAYS carry a bottle of water with you!!! For extra bonus points to save the planet, keep a refillable sport bottle with you everywhere you go!  There are even tiny ones these days that fit in the smallest purses. No excuses! Besides, they say the key to healthy, clear and younger looking skin, is hydration! Who doesn't love that?

This or that? When making food choices, remember that every little bit counts!  Instead of fried chicken, opt for grilled.  Instead of greasy potato chips, opt for a little air-popped popcorn. Although that giant chocolate cake looks divine, the bowl of fresh berries may satisfy that sweet tooth just fine.  Be aware of the choices you make.  You are what you eat, so you're more than likely going to feel great (inside and out) when you make smart choices.

Set Goals! Set goals for yourself!  Without something to strive for, it's difficult to know what to focus on.  Figure out what you want and how to get it. Make a plan! If you don't know where to start or feel lost, ask for help! Friends, family, colleagues, personal trainers, that super fit girl who's butt you can't help but notice when she walks by your office on her way to the gym - use those around you as a source of inspiration and information. Most importantly, do yourself the favor of honoring your goals by sticking to your plan! I like to find a friend to partner with, that way we can hold each other accountable!

Balance! Maybe eating raw veggies and baked chicken breast with no sauce and no seasoning isn't exactly your idea of delicious. However, you realize that a whole pepperoni pizza and tater tots won't likely make your body very happy either. To start, find a reasonable medium that makes your heart and your body happy. Maybe if you stay true to eating super healthy meals during the week, you reward yourself with a sundae on Sunday (try not to overdo it)! :) Don't torture yourself with crazy extreme diets, as you aren't likely to keep them up forever.  Instead, make healthy lifestyle changes that are realistic and keep your life well-balanced!

Author: Kelly Miyahara

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