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Full Time Everything Is A Hard Job

Full Time Everything Is A Hard Job

Trying to find balance in this unbalanced world is something Bonnie and I haven't quite mastered but we're working on it.  Is it really possible to stay balanced, trying to balance our daily to-do-list, the Mom's night outs, school meet and greets, charity events, and date-nights? How do you accomplish what you need to and still keep your sanity? Here are our tips on how to keep our heads clear while we take control of our lives.
  • Work our iPhones to the max during the day.  We use it to schedule, write to-do-lists, answer emails, post FB statuses, pics and comments, Tweet, and google to our heart's content but we pick a steadfast turning off point and stick with it. Ours is 9PM.
  • We're big multi-taskers!  I write this as I'm boiling 4 dozen hard boiled eggs for tomorrow's homeless lunch volunteer program, answering emails, tweets  and helping my middle daughter with her DIY jewelry box (we're on our third day of Strep throat).  I'm sure Bonnie is in the middle of greeting clients, posting FB comments, answering emails, paying bills and more!  Multi-tasking is somewhat controversial.  You may get a lot done but do you accomplish good work?  We say, absolutely.
  • We've learned to say "No!"  With 5 kids between the two of us, a very social personal, husband, work and friend calendar, 3-4 events per week can be our norm.  It's too much.  As hard as it is to say No, we do.
  • Twice a week we schedule in fitness classes outside of Shred415.  Teaching Shred classes is more than enough exercise but it's our job. It's important for us to get back what we give to our clients.  It's also extremely important to us to cross train our bodies to prevent injury.
  • We communicate with each other constantly.  Knowing what's on the horizon keeps our heads clear
  • Fun. We allocate time for things we enjoy vs. things we have to do.  There is a big difference.
  • We ask for help. We're great at knowing what we're good at and what we're not and utilizing resources when needed.  We enlist a ton of talent to help us.
  • Alone time,   Whether it's a trip to Target or Costco, 30 minutes of alone time in the carpool line before pick-up, time by ourselves is an absolute must.
  • Convenience (paying the tax). With all that we have going on we don't have time to do accomplish everything.  Sometimes paying a little more for things that help balance us is worth it.  We pay for fresh, organic juices.  We'll put extra money in the meter just in case we run over and don't have the stress of worrying if we're going to get a ticket.  We'll buy ready prepared food at Whole Foods.  We buy in bulk so we don't run out (less trips to the store).  These little thing may cost more but the balance we get from it is so worth it.
  • Beauty. Massages, blow-outs, spray tans.  They make us feel pretty.  When we feel pretty, we feel balanced.
  • We get lost in senseless TV.  There is so much drama that happens within our day, it's hard for us to give any emotion to most TV shows.  Bonnie and I are huge fans of Bravo.  Any Housewives show on and we're watching it.  We can't get enough.  Watching somebody else's train wreck balances us within seconds!

AUTHOR: Shred415 Bonnie & Tracy

img source: https://www.pinterest.com/source/thecozyspace.tumblr.com

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  • Bonnie and Tracy are AMAZING and true inspirations! They are prime examples of women who “do it all” with grace, beauty, strength, and compassion for others. What wonderful role models for women everywhere!

    Kristen on

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