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Healthy Tips For Surviving The Holiday Season

Healthy Tips For Surviving The Holiday Season

1. Pre-Party Protein The day of a big holiday party stick to a protein diet. You’ll be less bloated for that little holiday dress. You’ll feel fuller prior to arriving with less chance of overindulging. You’ve also left some room for carbs and a few cocktails!!!

2. A Little Extra Push Since you probably will be eating and drinking a bit more than usual balance it out with just a bit more cardio. Even adding 15-20 minutes a day more cardio to your normal workout can help wipe out those couple two, three cocktails you had the night before!!!

3. Drop Down and Give Me 20!!! So right before you head out the door in that sleeveless number drop down for a quick 10-20 pushups. Seriously!!! Not only will it give those arms and shoulders a quick toned look, but it will give you that rosy, natural glow.

4.  A Little Extra Hydration We’ve all heard over and over again that water is the best way to hydrate. Yes so true, but what about the added benefits of coconut water? Coconut water is packed with potassium and natural electrolytes. The perfect beverage after a hard workout. Also great to rehydrate the morning after a big holiday bash!!

5. Play Fair Enjoy the fun and festivities the holidays bring. Just try to moderate. If one day you’ve found that you’ve indulged a bit too much don’t beat yourself up just balance it out the next day by pulling back on the calories and maybe an extra blast of cardio. Checks and balances!!

AUTHOR: Emmy Rigali

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