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Hello (Again) Boulder!

Hello (Again) Boulder!

Now I say “again” because this will be my second time moving to the beautiful Boulder, Colorado. It has been almost 2 years since I lived here, though I’ve been for visits here and there for Pilates workshops. Now I put “again” in parentheses because even though I have already lived in this town and even though I still have a group of amazing friends I could not be happier to be around again, it still almost feels like I am moving here for the first time! I am a little older, a little wiser (hopefully) and my tastes have changed. I am now gluten-free, an aspiring outdoor rock climber and working at a brand new Pilates studio on Pearl Street – in downtown Boulder…check it out: www.pilatesdoctorstudio.com

As an oldie, but a newbie, I thought I would share some of my favorite spots in Boulder, should you – the reader – ever come for a visit! Enjoy!

1. The Flatirons – climb to the top of all three with ropes, or by foot! There are so many amazing trails – one of my favorites being the Royal Arch trail. Bring your crashpad, because as I just recently discovered, there are some AWESOME boulders for climbing!

2. Ozo Coffee – there are plenty of coffee shops around Boulder with good coffee, but Ozo is my favorite! They’ve got all sorts of roasts, chai (Bhakti Chai is my favorite), baked goods and salads (they even have gluten-free snacks). There are now two locations and most likely you’ll find me hanging out at one.

3. Pizzeria Locale – named the Best Pizza in Colorado by the Food Network. This place was not here when I lived here before, but it’s one of my favorite places now! The pizza is SO good AND they offer gluten-free crust! Traditional Napoli style, so the pie comes to you uncut. My favorites are the Bianca and the Diavola.

4. Farmer’s Market – if you’ve read my previous entry, you know I LOVE Farmer’s Markets! This one is packed with fresh seasonal veggies, fruit, plants, meat, etc. I get my goat cheese, vegetables, quinoa and Noosa yogurt here. Make sure to stop by the Tres Pupusas stand in the food court.

5. Pearl Street – this is the main street in Boulder, full of street performers, artists, foot carts and at night, there are endless bars and restaurants – stop by The Kitchen [Upstairs] for dinner and/or drinks, The Bitter Bar for drinks, Zo Ma Ma for Chinese style street food.

6. Boulder Canyon – definitely one of the more beautiful drives around Boulder – especially if you love rock climbing. You will be amazed by the size of some of these boulders, and even more amazed when you see the people climbing them! (Also check out highway 6 starting near Golden, CO – one of my most favorite drives IN THE WORLD)

7. Alfalfa’s – when I don’t grocery shop at the Farmer’s Market, I shop at this privately owned natural grocery store that’s been around since the 80’s. It was briefly a Whole Foods when I lived here before, but it’s back to it’s former self and I LOVE it! Their focus is stocking local, organic and non-GMO (when possible) great tasting foods. No one can argue with that!

8. The Pilates Doctor Studio – of COURSE I love this place! It’s my new Pilates studio. Please come in for a class during your visit! Come check out our bubble, you will love it!

AUTHOR: Elana Rabin

img source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/louphoto/4049286912/ 


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