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How To Meditate: Just Sit Still

How To Meditate: Just Sit Still

People are always asking me "How do I begin a meditation practice?" This is a difficult question to answer because in reality there is no right answer.  There are many ways to establish your personal practice and you just need to figure out what works best for you.  However, there are some basic steps one can take to get started:
  • Step 1: Find a place where you can concentrate without interruption.
  • Step 2: Allocate an amount of time and set a timer.  Start with 10 minutes and try to work yourself up to a daily time of 30-45 minutes.
  • Step 3: Establish a comfortable seated position on a cushion or in a chair.  It is recommended to sit cross legged, but do what works for you.
  • Step 4: Begin by breathing deeply. Lengthen through the crown of your head and ground through your pelvis.  Sitting upright and aligned aids the mind and attention.
  • Step 5: Recite inwardly, “May I be happy.  May I be well.  May I be peaceful and at ease.”  You can continually repeat this or just notice what happens with your mind.
  • Step 6: Keep observing everything.  Keep your mind open. Don't grasp on to any thoughts.  Just breath and let go.

Remember, there are no “bad” meditation practitioners and no right answers.  Just follow these steps and see what happens if you dare to just sit still. 

AUTHOR: Bex Urban 

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  • The article is absolutely great.
    Preferably we don’t even have to SAY anything when meditating. if a thought pops up, we can just label it as “thinking” and just observe the coming and going of thoughts from nothingness into nothingness. And just don’t comment on any thought that arises…

    As to the picture of the meditation position. Wanna end up with back and neckpain after meditation? then hold the hands/arms outstretched like that.
    Best way is just keep them in your lap! But does look COOL to have the arms this way, I find more and more pics on the net with the arms even stretched farther away towards on the knees (ouch!), and… of course also with the fingers and thumb in this devote “O” too… Mindboggling.

    cherliz on

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    Love Thy Self › SPLITS59 : THE BURN on

  • Love the article. I feel more relaxed already.

    Penny on

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