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It's A Balance

It's A Balance

It's not only my job as a professional ballet dancer that has me constantly seeking to find balance in my life. It seems to be the conclusion of nearly every conversation I have with my friends and family, needless to say my colleagues in the studio and on stage...Finding a balance in work and play, in health and happiness, in life and in love...It's no small feat. Living in a world of fast paced technology, ever evolving smart phones, ebooks, social networking, apps that do it all—our perception of 'normal' becomes slightly skewed and it's easy get up...not resting until your iPhone/Pad/Powerbook/Calendar are synced and fully charged.

I would like to challenge you to stop the next time you're up&downloading the latest and greatest and ask yourselves....While your devices might be up for the demands of the day, are you allowing yourself the same time to recharge? The time to 'sync' with your family and friends beyond the constraints of abbreviated texts and emoticons? A mentor of mine once told me that everything should be in moderation, including moderation. I happen to remember this saying every time I go for that second bowl of ice cream...but beyond the convenience factor, there is so much to be said for it.

The healthiest lifestyles I admire are those that take time to train, to perform to recover....the meals that take planning, preparation, and presentation - enjoyed and shared with those you love...the days that challenge you, followed by those that guiltlessly encourage you to take it easy. While it's inevitable to find yourself 'wired and inspired' in this day and age, it's important to find a balance that works for you. So go ahead... savor every bite of that Kale salad, wash it down with a Chocolate Chip cookie and be proud of yourself. Master moderation. Unplug now and then. Run for two minutes, walk for one. Whether atop a satin shoe on stage, or debating a second dessert, life is more beautiful when it's balanced.

AUTHOR: Shelby Elsbree

{For more from Shelby check out her blog TuTus&Tea.}

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  • Thank you! This was awesome. Recharging is an important thing for us all to remember. Not only for our gadgets but also for our souls!

    hutti545 on

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    Büyükada {beauty}. | The offbeat Chronicles of a TuTu with Tea on

  • Thank-you for the post on balance. So good for us all to remember, the importance of balance in all aspects of our lives.
    Love the photo also!

    sapidspaces on

  • Loved this post! Such a good reminder of how important finding that balance can be. Thank you!


    Kirsten on

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