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Law Vs. Pure Barre

Law Vs. Pure Barre

As I entered college my parents gave me some advice that I strictly adhered to for 15 years of my life: "Do one thing, and do it well." The concept is to pick a career path that highlights your natural talents and abilities, and then to work back-breakingly hard on that career to maximize the potential for positive outcomes. So, right after college, I followed suit by entering law school in the fall (apparently, I have natural talent to argue), studying for three years, graduating from law school, passing the bar, and then starting 10 plus hour work days immediately thereafter. For years, I remained true to my roots and did what I knew how to do best. It is a beautiful concept, and has taken me far, but, last summer, I found myself so enamored by a workout called Pure Barre, that I had to reassess whether the concept was still applicable in my life.

Looking for a way to get in better shape, my friend of many years, Lucy, and I took our first class at Pure Barre Lexington last summer. We instantly became intrigued by the technique and were inspired by the way the Lexington owners ran their amazing studio. A few weeks and many classes later, that intriguement turned into a passion for the technique and the concept behind this boutique franchise fitness studio. From a business perspective, Pure Barre sells itself because the technique is the most effective and efficient workout for women on the market. From a personal perspective, each class was my own personal little get-away from the daily grind, and provided the same mental relaxation as a spa visit. This was definitely a passion that could be more than just a hobby.  

Within thirty days, Lucy and I were on a plane flying to Denver to explore the idea of opening our own studio in Louisville. After our initial interview with the CEO, Carrie Rezabek, we returned home to set out on a path of opening our own studio and telling our friends, family and clients what we were about to undertake. The reaction from those close to us was not exactly enthusiastic. Lucy's father responded by saying, "That sounds exciting girls, but, tell me, did you land your back tuck during the interview?" (Mind you, Lucy and I both are well into our 30s, so this was a little more than just being sarcastic). My mother's response was less comical, but just as leery, "Seriously, why you would go from law to fitness teacher." The question mark is intentionally left out here because that is how she said it and that is how she meant it. The CEO of one of the banks I represent at the firm, introduced me, at a reception for the bank, as their "attorney turned body-builder." He definitely got some laughs out of that one at my expense that night.

Regardless of the comments, I was undeterred. If there was ever an opportunity to take a passion and make it a larger part of my life, this was it. So, I reassessed and opined my own interpretation of the "Do one thing and do it well" concept. The result was I ditched the pigeonhole on my career, and made 'working relentlessly hard in life' my one constant. So now, I may not be arguing my way through my days as much anymore, but I am working hard on something that I am extremely passionate about and loving every single minute of it!

AUTHOR: Karen Handel

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