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Move Of The Day // Stretches For Runners

Move Of The Day // Stretches For Runners

Many of my clients, friends, family members, and even my husband love to run. Whether it is a short 2-3 mile walk around the park or full marathon, running is a favorite sport for many people. One common thing I hear from many runners is that they don't have time to stretch afterwards. They have to rush off to pick up kids, hurry back to work, make it to their next appointment, etc. Stretching is so important and it should be part of your post-run routine.

Here are 5 great stretches you can do after you run:

1) Runners Stretch - kneeling, bring one leg in front of you with your hands on the floor by the front foot. Bring your hips forward to stretch the front of your hip and thigh.

2) Hamstring Stretch - from your runners stretch, shift your hip back towards the back foot. This will stretch the back of your front leg - great for the hamstring, calf, and glutes. 

3) Straight Leg Stretch- from the hamstring stretch, shift your hips forward a little bit and straighten both legs. Keep both hips square and even! Relax your shoulders and neck. You can step your back leg forward a little bit of you need to in order to keep your hips square. This is a great stretch for the back, hamstrings, calves, Achilles'tendon, and glutes.

4) Straddle Stretch - take a seat and stretch your legs out to each side. Try to keep your back flat and hinge forward into a stretch for the hips and inner thighs.

5) Butterfly Stretch - from the straddle stretch, bend your knees and bring the soles of your feet together. Let your knees relax open to the sides. To deepen the stretch, hinge from the waist and stretch forward. This opens the hips, stretches the back of the pelvis area, and the inner thighs. Happy running (and stretching)!!

AUTHOR: Cathy Terrazas

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