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Power Food For Your Summer Pantry

Power Food For Your Summer Pantry

I absolutely love summer! I grew up in Arizona so I miss the warm, dry desert. The only time of year I am truly 'warm' in northern california is late summer & Indian summer. I truly make the most of this time of year with long walks, runs or hikes outside, BBQ's with friends, lots of traveling and also enjoying lazy mornings with my kids.

With that being said, much of summer fun involves a lot mindless eating and drinking. It seems like every afternoon there is a reason to make mojitos, margaritas or have wine wine while enjoying the beautiful sunshine. While it's all fun, it's time to clean up a bit and get back on a healthy routine -- at least during the day. I recently made a list of power foods to keep me in check... Keeping this list in my pantry allows me to be more thoughtful about what I eat when I am home! It's important to be diligent for several days to get back to feeling clean.

For breakfast, I have fresh berries and eggs with avocado and a latte. A great post workout shake includes coconut water, whey protein, powdered greens (I love Amazing Greens from Whole Foods) & frozen berries ( or acai -  another awesome superfood -- in frozen section next to berries at WF). I also take 2 giant fish oil pills. For lunch I stick to a giant salad with as many veggies that I can eat and 2 proteins (usually chicken and some type of bean or quinoa) and a giant piece of whole grain bread. For an afternoon snack, I go for almonds and dried fruit and a little dark chocolate or I make popcorn with earth balance butter and a piece of fruit. I eat what I want for dinner but staying clean during the day has sure made a difference in the way I feel in regards to being energized and feeling good. I am minimizing my dairy and sugar intake but allow it at night.

Other considerations for clean eating:

1. Protein should be grass fed, free range

2. Fruit and vegetables should be organic as much as possible

3. Fish should be wild caught

4. Coffee or Green tea and other teas are allowed. Only drink caffeine early in the day (unless it's Green tea)


img source: http://tasty-yummies.com/2015/06/17/summer-veggie-power-bowls-with-lemon-garlic-tahini-dressing/


AUTHOR: Denise Henry

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