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Real Food for Real Health

Real Food for Real Health

Our Shred415 clients work so hard to look good in their Splits59 clothes—they run, do countless squats and bicep curls, and maintain a consistent exercise routine—but while classes are a huge part of fitness, there’s another, equally important aspect of staying healthy that I see too many people overlook their diet. I didn’t realize how important my own diet was until four years ago, when I learned I had a dairy and egg allergy. I’d had hives on and off for eight years, and in all that time I didn’t put together that what I was putting in my body might be the cause of all my discomfort. The day the doctors discovered my allergies, I cried. I loved cheese! I didn’t want to give it up! But I decided to put my health first, and now if I eat dairy or eggs, not only do I get hives but I feel generally crummy, and I’m not myself again for a week or even sometimes a whole month.

Tracy, my co-owner at Shred415, has food sensitivities of her own: She can’t eat onion or garlic, and gets sick whenever she does. It’s so important to pay attention to what you are eating and how your body is reacting. I’m convinced that plenty of people are just like me—walking around with food allergies without even realizing it. They think feeling sluggish after every meal, or breaking out into hives, is normal. I certainly did. But once I stopped eating eggs and dairy, I couldn’t believe how much more energy I had. I suddenly felt like the best version of myself. I lost six pounds in three weeks. That’s how much those foods were weighing me down. Take a moment after your next meal to pay attention to how you feel. Trust your body and your instincts—don’t ignore a bad stomachache or indigestion. If you think something isn’t sitting well with you, it probably isn’t.

Of course, allergies and other food sensitivities aren’t the only reason to pay attention to what you eat. It’s also about making sure your body is getting the right foods to fuel your lifestyle. Foods that are real, and not just processed chemicals. A decade ago, I never looked at food labels, but now that I do, I’m appalled at some of the ingredients in the snacks I was eating. Grocery stores are lined with chips, sweets and other processed foods that make us feel like crap—and we don’t even realize it! I’m not saying a person shouldn’t enjoy a burger and fries every now and then. I still love to indulge! But no matter how hard you work at fitness, it matters what you put into your body. Tracy and I both eat several small meals throughout the day to keep our energy up and our bodies feeling good. We buy lots of pre-made meals at Whole Foods, where we can recognize all the ingredients, and we know that it’s all freshly made. And we’ve never felt better!

AUTHOR: Shred415 Bonnie and Tracy 

img source: http://faring-well.com/

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