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Smaller Equals Better...Sometimes

Smaller Equals Better...Sometimes

I put a microphone on every day and give cues to women of all shapes, sizes, and ages, directing them how to spend 55 minutes lifting their seat, toning their thighs and burning calories. ‘Smaller equals better,’ ‘make that mind/body connection,’ ‘breathe through the burn,’ ‘avoid comparing yourself with your neighbor,’ ‘challenge yourself in a whole new way,’ ‘take it to the next level’—I use these mantras everyday at the barre to create a better workout experience for my clients. I pray that they walk away from our studio feeling a lifted spirit and a refined sense of self-esteem as well as a lifted backside and toned muscles! But it doesn't end there. When you take a moment to strip away the fitness focus of these motivational tips, and examine them from a personal perspective, you can really reap a fuller contentment in who you are as a person. So, here’s my everyday challenge:
  • Appreciate the “smaller” moments in life. They usually define and help create the bigger moments. Take the time to listen and observe so you can detect what those smaller gifts are each day in order to cherish them adequately.
  • Establish your mind/body connection. This goes for outside of your exercise hour as well, in order to value rest and make healthy choices for yourself and your family.
  • Embrace life’s burn-When life hits you with difficult and painful encounters, take a deep exhale and endure, breathing through the uncomfortable situation that has the potential to refine you and make you stronger and even more beautiful on the other side. (Much like Pure Barre’s entire thigh series!)
  • Don't compare yourself. Instead of comparing with others’ achievements or failures, apply that energy toward appreciating your own belongings, body parts and blessings!
  • Find an opportunity every day to challenge yourself like never before. Whether it is to confront a lingering issue with a friend, or set a new fitness goal, be bold in all that you do as you create and confront challenges with a positive determination and excitement to see what the resulting growth could be at their completion!

It might sound like a cliché, but that it is so much “bigger than the barre.”

AUTHOR: Danielle Davis 

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  • Good Morning!

    The class is 55 minutes in length and integrates strength building and toning exercises in an interval format. It is not considered “cardio” but was designed to get your heart rate up and down during portions of the class to allow for that nice calorie burn. Each individual body is different- therefore, their exertion in class will vary according to their needs, but we have women who burn anywhere from 250-500+ calories per class. One of my clients in her 50’s wears her heart rate monitor every class usually burns Anywhere from 400 to 500 calories. I often experiment with my heart rate monitor and consistently average around 400 calories per session, but have noticed so many other strengthening benefits as well in my body- and working those large muscle groups sets your body up for a calorie burn throughout the day! The Pure Barre Technique truly is intelligent exercise- protecting joints while changing the shape of muscles! Maybe your calorie burn will be much different from mine- let me know!

    Danielle Davis
    Pure Barre
    Birmingham, Al

    Danielle on

  • About how many calories are burned in a single pure barre session?

    Ellie on

  • I know this thread is old, but Pure Barre is about SO much more than burning calories. I see a difference in my tone and strength so quickly! If you want to lose weight, I recommend cardio with Pure Barre as a compliment. I was teaching Zumba (4hrs/week) and doing PB once a week and saw a HUGE difference. In the past two weeks, I did 7 Pure Barre classes and my legs, arms, and seat look completely different in just TWO weeks. That is pretty amazing!

    Kaye on

  • I’m so glad I came across this post. I recently started attending Pure Barre classes in Birmingham. I was just surfing around to try to find out how many calories I’m burning when doing Pure Barre workouts. It’s cool that you work at the location I go to. Maybe I’ll see you there soon! I love the facility, the class, and the instructors!

    Ashley on

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