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The Filthy Fifty Workout

The Filthy Fifty Workout

The Filthy Fifty Workout

Yes, it is just as brutal as it sounds....the moment you finish you may need to collapse to the ground for a hot minute, but you will shortly after have the best endorphin high and feel like you could conquer anything! This is the universally known CrossFit workout fellow colleague, Ronit, and myself completed on Sunday, October 6th to kick off our month long Paleo Challenge.

After our 4 weeks of clean eating we are going to re-test ourselves on this workout in hope to feel quicker, lighter, and stronger during the process.....oh yeah, and  with the ultimate goal of crushing our previous times! Let us know if you get a chance to push yourself to the limit and give this timed workout a whirl....then let us know your time!

Eat strict Paleo for 1 month (no sweets, no wheat, no alcohol, no legumes, & no dairy) then re-test yourself to see if your time was quicker and performance in general was better.

This is what you gotta do:

50 Box Jumps onto a 20" box (modify by doing step-ups or use a 12" box)

50 Jumping Pull-Ups (stand on a box with knees bent and arms fully extended holding onto a pull-up bar...then jump up to the point where your chin is over the bar....repeat 49 more times)

50 Kettlebell Swings (prescribed weight is 16kg....however go as light as you need where you are still challenging yourself)

50 Walking Lunges (25 each leg)

50 Knees to Elbows (hang from a pull-up bar and raise both knees simultaneously to touch elbows)

50 Push Press (prescribed weight is 35 lbs....modify to your preferred weight)

50 Back Extensions (use a GHD machine)

50 Wall Balls (prescribed weight is a 14 lb ball. squat with ball, throw while you stand to hit a 10" target against a wall. use weight you are comfortable with!)

50 burpees (not going to lie....these suck!)

50 Double Unders (if you cannot do double under jumps with the jump rope do 150 single jumps)  


And don't forget to post your times......3-2-1 GO!

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