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There Is Always Room To Grow

There Is Always Room To Grow

I had such a spectacular day the other day with the Schwinn Indoor Cycling Crew. I am always inspired after I spend time with the most amazing and talented leaders in the fitness industry…like Jay Blahnik, Julz Arney and Jeffery Scott. I have taken Jay Blahnik’s cycle class a number of times, but each and every time I take it I dig deeper, push harder and feel like I can conquer the world. An inspiration like that is few and far between, so when you find it, love it, appreciate it, cultivate it and learn from it. In his ride we did some dissociation and connection to personal reflection. In each of his stage of the ride Jay asked three questions.

1. What do you want to DO more of?

2. What do you want to BE more of?

3. What do you want to fear less about?

I didn’t share these answers out loud to the riders around me, but for the first time in his ride I was so clear, I was so honest and was able to answer these questions instantaneously. When I  connected to these truths I was able to dig, push and conquer more in my ride.

1. I want to DO more meditation. I want to shut off completely, unplug from the madness of the social noise and meditate. I know silence and time are hot commodities so taking any free moment and embracing it to reflect and be quiet with my thoughts and meditate. I want to DO more meditating in the moment and clear some of that useless clutter (usually the negative thoughts) in my head and my heart.

2. I want to BE more confident. I want to be able to let bull shit slide right off my back. I want to not take actions of people who are jealous, disingenuous or disloyal affect my path, my mission and my goal of “no negative self-talk.” I find myself confronted with this a lot. I let others or what I “think” others are thinking of me or saying about me effect what I see in the mirror and how I feel about myself. Arghhhhhhh, it is so frustrating!! But to give you an update on my 21 day negative talk cleanse, so far so good. I have even recognized that there were actual environments that I felt more self-conscious or judgmental about myself. I was in this “place” and I felt a rush of insecurity coarse through my veins and it stopped me dead in my tracks. I told myself to stay cool, do not let these automatic negative thoughts in and keep trucking, leave this “place” as soon as humanly possible. I will have to revisit this “place” again, I have to, but I am now armored with some positive self talk so I will know what to expect and I refuse to let it beat me again.

3. I want to FEAR LESS… I want to fear less about letting go…I want to be able to let the world in and not fear I am going to be hurt, betrayed or taken advantage of. I want to fear less about trusting whole heartedly…this may take time, but now that I have put it out into the universe I am committing to it. I am letting it be known I want to let go, I want to trust, believe and hope.

So there it is. Bam. It is out there…

AUTHOR: Angela Leigh

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