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Thursday Treat // Nutribullet Favorites

Thursday Treat // Nutribullet Favorites

As I promised in my last post; here are my other two favorite Nutribullet recipes.

BulletProof Coffee The NutriBullet is perfect for this. If you haven’t heard of it. “Bullet Proof” coffee when used as a breakfast alternative is said to suppress hunger, increase mental clarity, and promote weight loss. It is coffee made with a tablespoon of grass-fed organic butter (I use Kerry Gold Irish butter), a teaspoon of coconut oil, and coffee. The key word being breakfast “alternative” (sorry you don’t get to have you bullet proof coffee and a full breakfast for the weight loss benefits). I personally think it is only drinkable when blended really well, otherwise your coffee has an oil-slick type feel. When blended in the NutriBullet it makes the butter & oil frothy like a latte.

My Favorite Green Juice Drink I would be lying if I said I love green juices. I just don’t! But they are so good for you. So, I have been making them for a few years and honestly, most of them have tasted a little bit like dirt. So after a whole lot of experimenting I have found a green drink that I can actually say I LIKE a lot. It is refreshing and healthy, and I usually have this in the late afternoon instead of having another coffee and unhealthy snack. I really think substituting a healthy juice for a coffee and whatever I can get my hands on, has made a big difference in how I feel. I also find I am not starving by dinner time.

  • 1 cup of baby spinach
  • ¼ chopped cucumber ( better cold)
  • ¼ chopped celery
  • ½ cup chopped pineapple
  • Coconut water with pineapple
  • I add ½ tsp Spirulina
  • 1/8 th of a teaspoon of Bee Pollen
  • And I am liking the Nutribullet Superfood Superboost It combines the Chia, Cocoa, Maca, and Goji. I add about a tablespoon. You can add each of these separately, I just found this easy.
  • A few ice cubes and blend.

AUTHOR: Jessica Diaz

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