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True Love

True Love

I absolutely love chocolate ice cream. I could eat it everyday and never grow tired of it.  I think it makes each day of my life that much better simply knowing it’s there!  It’s refreshing, satisfying, and indulgent, not to mention easy to find. The smile grows on my face, and I get giddy like a small child with the mere thought of a chocolate ice cream cone. My friends laugh because I always say, “Chocolate ice cream!?  Yes, please!” Anytime. Anyplace. In fact, I would definitely go way out of my way to get some if the craving struck. If only all of life’s loves were so simple. If we truly love someone, as I do chocolate ice cream, does that mean we would never grow tired of them nor our craving for their company would fade? Is it impossible to imagine that even the most outrageous inconvenience would be our absolute pleasure because our love is so loyal and true?  As silly as it seems, I crave the love of my life (in human form) to be my chocolate ice cream. Simply their presence would comfort me on the worst of days. Going out of my way for them wouldn’t be an inconvenience at all because every moment together would be worth savoring. Best of all, my excitement at the mere thought of them would never falter regardless of sunshine or stormy weather, and I’d just be plain happy to have them each and every day! One day, I hope to find certain love that lasts unconditionally. I’ll be patient for now….because until then, there will always be chocolate ice cream. Life is good.  Dream and enjoy!

AUTHOR: Kelly Miyahara

img source: http://foodlovin.de/2015/03/veganes-schokoladeneis-mit-kandierten-mandeln/

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  • Beautiful – ! But sadly, while it’s possible to never lose a craving for ice cream (and I doubt even that can be sustained indefinitely) even the strongest passions wear off with time, and one should probably use a different criteria when seeking one’s human ice cream.

    Unlike one’s passion for ice cream, human relationships based primarily on physical desirability are doomed. As even the most beautiful of people age, it’s inevitable that that which may be exciting at the onset will one day become the norm — perhaps even tedious.

    Therefore, contrary to one’s desire for ice cream, I believe the truest test of an enduring human relationship would be to ask ourselves — even if we could never touch the person we love, would we still long for and crave their presence? Would the sound of their voice, the smile on their face still cause our hearts to stir?

    While I’m hardly an expert, observation would seem to illustrate that love which endures the longest and strongest is a love begun in friendship, with mutual respect for one another. Far too many people seem to want to be with someone for the joy they can receive, rather than for the joy they can give. And giving to one who can never return a gift is probably the greatest love of all.

    That, I believe, is the kind of love that does not fade — because it is not based upon the joy we receive from another person, but on the joy we give. Just my opinion, but for what it’s worth, I’d prefer a relationship built on a foundation of rock than shifting sand. To my knowledge, no one’s ever found a castle in a swamp. One needs to look for the right components in the right place, or they’ll waste their life in futility, chasing shadows.

    I hope you find that which you’re seeking and that it will last a lot longer than your chocolate ice cream. :)

    Jim Alexander on

  • Hey,
    That is an interesting way to put it, and I think that is what we all search for in life. I think also that we can find that comfort from more than one person. Perhaps someone provides that for you for a period of time and everything is great. Regardless of what the future holds, it is most comforting to just stay in the present and enjoy good situations while they are still good. If it is something that will last forever then, wonderful, you should enjoy all the present experiences you have together and live in the moment. If it is ultimately going to fail, then there was nothing you could do about it anyways… because you will never find what you are looking for if you do not take little risks in the directions that feel right. When it begins to not feel good anymore, it is time to move on and continue the search because obviously that person was not the one… and that is okay. There may not be warning signs that a relationship is destined to fail, it could just happen because of unexpected events. So really, there is no need to worry as long as you give new opportunities a chance and enjoy the present moment!! That being said… would you like to go out on a date??? I saw you for the first time I can recall today on Jeopardy, and I said to myself, “Wow, she is pretty I want to take her out!” :) So I looked you up and read your blog, which turns out to be very relevant. So… if you happen to be traveling through Tampa, and you would like to go out, then get back to me. I’m not saying I think I am definitely, or even probably, your chocolate ice cream, but you never know. But, if I practice what I preach, then I will never know if you are mine either… unless I dare to ask you out. The best part is there is no pressure because if it doesn’t work out then it wasn’t meant to be anyways. Like I said though, just if you were passing through Tampa anyways, it would be something fun to do. You can friend me on Facebook, Scott Brannan from Palm Harbor, FL if you like and I would gladly accept! :) BYE!!

    Scott B. on

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