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Now That The Kids Are Back In School...

Now That The Kids Are Back In School...

While in Whole Foods the other day, I spoke with a girl who was just starting college. She talked to me about which food and supplements would be best. I compiled a quick list for her and decided to share what I feel is important information for you and your children before going back to school. This can apply to most ages, but some are more important for high school and college. Even if you don’t have children (yet) this still applies to keeping you healthy so that when you do come in contact with kids, you can keep your immune system boosted and your blood sugar stable! Do you remember as a child, that as soon as school was over all you could think about was a mid-afternoon snack? That’s because not only had it been hours since lunch but when studying you actually burn more calories than if you were sitting the same amount of time and watching TV… Also if you played sports you know that fuel before and after is especially important.

Here are some of my favorite snack options:

1. Honey Stingers whey protein bars: they are have a healthy 10g of whey protein, which gets into your body quickly to repair muscles (including the brain)

2. Larabars new ALT protein bar: There is a new bar (found at vitamin Cottage, Alfalfas, and other stores around the country) it also has 10g of pea protein and still gluten free, dairy free, soy free.

3. Make your own organic trail mix: 1/2 cup of nuts, 1/2 cup dried fruit, and 1/4 cup dark chocolate. MUST BE ORGANIC!

4. Nut Butter and celery:  I just LOVE the Justin’s Nutbutter little squeeze packs, perfect potions every time. And mix it up, try the hazelnut chocolate, almond honey, or plain flavors. Don’t let it get boring!

5. Hummus and Veggies: You can easily pick up some Hope Hummus from most grocery stores (they have amazing flavors and only 40-50 calories in 2 TB) with some carrots, raw peppers, or my favorite… cucumber (which helps rehydrate the body)

For replenishing calories and electrolytes these are my favorite drinks:

1. Coconut water: used in the rain forest as an IV for sick people. Must work well…

2. Orgain: My new favorite whey protein drink! has 23 vitamins and Minerals and is all organic!

3. SUJA: the BEST fruit and veggie juice on the market, all raw and cold-pressed so it retains all the minerals and nutrients like a fresh squeezed juice

Supplements to have on hand and/or send to college with you child:

1. Grapefruit Seed Extract: The best and most powerful natural anti-biotic, have them take a dose 3 time a day when people are them start to get sick OR when they feel something coming on

2. Probiotics: Should be taken everyday!

3. Melatonin: 3mg of rapid release to help them fall asleep when stress is high

4. CALM magnesium drink: again to relax and help sleep, but also magnesium is necessary for the brain to study hard!

So that about does it! Besides the obvious…eat a healthy protein and fat (healthy fat) rich breakfast! 

AUTHOR: Jennifer Tingstad

img source: http://slimpickinskitchen.com/maple-pumpkin-fall-harvest-trail-mix-recipe/

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