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Workout Wednesday // Rule The Turf

Workout Wednesday // Rule The Turf

Looking for a new workout? Rule the Turf with an all-body workout that will take you back to your glory days! Checkout your local high school track and field.

Try this fun, challenging workout solo or with friends!

Cardio, Sprints, Legs, Arms and Core...done!

Cardio Warm Up:

2-4 laps around track at a comfortable running pace (.5 - 1 mile)


Sprint from goal line to 50 yrd line.

Rest for 20 seconds.

Sprint to the opposing goal line.

Rest 20 seconds.

Repeat 5 times.

Sprint from goal line to goal line.

Rest 30-60 seconds.

Repeat 5 times.

Legs, Arms and Core: Repeat 3-5x

Single Leg Bench/Bleacher Squats: Stand up on the warming bench or bleacher. Stand on one leg. Outstretch arms.

Complete 10-15 squats each leg.

Pushups: Arms narrow, yoga style or arms wide. Either way, keep your chin out of your chest and your focus slightly forward. Only go as low as you can keeping your rear end in perfect line with your head.

Complete 10-20 pushups.

Twisted Jack Knife Abs: Lay on your right side. Outstretch your right arm perpendicular to your body. Swing your legs forward 30 degrees. Keep your left bicep next to your left ear. Squeeze your ankles together. Lift your lower and upper body to meet at top in a “V”. Lower back down.

20x each side. (You can modify this exercise by only lifting the top leg.)

*Added challenge: Time yourself on the legs, arms and core section. Do the same number of reps each time with perfect form, and try to beat your time!*

AUTHOR: Heather Mckenzie

img source: umbertoverdoliva.it

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