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Do you have a morning routine? What are the steps?

Because my day to day schedule varies so much, there are some aspects of my morning routine that are consistent and some that I ditch if I have less time. No matter what, every day starts with making coffee at home and a low key breakfast. After that it’s a quick skincare moment (ice roller, rose serum, sunscreen), dental hygiene, walk the dog, and then off to the studio. If it’s a day that I’m not teaching, I always make sure to squeeze a workout in before heading out!

What is your favorite form of movement?

Bounce! (Also known as rebounding for those who are less familiar.) It’s the sweatiest and the most joyful workout!

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Top five things you can’t live without?

Trampoline, of course


Kindle (feeling like I’m asking the genie for unlimited wishes with this one, but I can’t live without a good book and I definitely can’t choose just one)


Family (yes, this includes my dog)

What brings you ultimate joy?

Moving with others! It really doesn’t matter what type of movement it is, but I love sharing physical space with people. There’s a very unique, unspoken connection that’s created in these moments and it makes me truly happy.

What are your favorite splits 59 styles?

Any Bianca tech flex + Ella Airweight

What’s your favorite color?



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What’s your favorite name?

Rue (as in…McClanahan)

What’s your current state of mind?

Happy + frazzled

What’s your motto?

Strong and wrong! If you’re going to do something, commit. If you’re wrong at least you really went for it!

What’s your favorite song? 

Changes daily, but today Funkier Than a Mosquito’s Tweeter by Nina Simone 

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